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    StudentHire is a revolutionary business aimed at helping students finance their post-secondary education. The founders, Riley, Richard and Adam, are students themselves, so they know how expensive it is to go to school full time.

    We realized that there are homeowners all over the city that need one time jobs done around their houses and there are thousands of students that are willing and able to do those jobs. We figured that if we could connect those students to those homeowners we would be able to help out both groups! So that’s what we did.

    Through StudentHire people all over the city are able to easily find a student to do any job they need done. At the same time, they get to help a student pay for part of their education. Students get to work for the money they need, but they don’t have the time commitment that a part time job would take. It’s a win-win, students and homeowners get exactly what they need, and we at StudentHire are happy knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of these students.

    Nelson Mandella said “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.” At StudentHire we agree! Our goal is to help make post-secondary education a possibility for all young people that are interested in going. Tuition is rising, competition to get in is increasing and with so many universities to choose from it can be difficult and confusing to enroll, let alone pay for, your post-secondary education. Through StudentHire we are promoting post-secondary education and giving students a way to earn the money they need through honest, hard work.