About Us

StudentHire is a revolutionary business

Our Story:

No money and no time
Like many great ideas, StudentHire was created as a result of a few people observing something obvious in their surroundings. We noticed that our peers at University were strapped for cash, but couldn’t work a full-time or part-time job because it would interfere with their schooling.

The student debt situation
We did some research and found that this is a serious problem in Canada, where there are roughly 2 million postsecondary students. Of those 2 million students, 1 million will graduate with school related debt at an average of $27,000. There is an interesting paradox here, where students have a heavy financial burden upon them, but no viable means to make money 8 months out of the year while they are in school.

Unmet demand for student freelancers
On the other side of the coin, we realized that potential employers were often contacting schools to hire students for their one-off jobs, but with little success.

Students had a wide variety of skills that their communities demanded, and people wanted to give opportunities to students, but it was difficult to get connected with the right student for your task, and if you did happen to find the right student, what about insurance?

Bridging the gap
With this in mind, we set out to build an online marketplace for flexible jobs, where individuals and businesses can find the students they’re wanting to hire, and students can find the work opportunities they need.

As students with no funds to work with, we created a Facebook group where we posted the jobs for other students to see, and circulated a Google form for job requests.

300 students signed up in the first two weeks, and 5-6 job requests came in per day. Simple labour jobs such as snow shoveling and lawn mowing, as well as jobs that require more skill, like graphic design, web development and photography- StudentHire was born!

Moving forward with purpose
In February 2017, we began our one year beta test with a simple web platform, so we could learn from our users before building and launching the website you are on right now, which went live in March 2018.

Eventually, StudentHire will be available wherever there is a significant student population; changing the way students fund their educations, and making them available for hire in the gig-market. We hope you’ll join the thriving community pushing this movement forward!

Our team Members



Married to his awesome wife, and still (barely) a student, Adam serves as the team’s CBDO, with responsibility for sales and strategic partnerships. He has a passion for addressing social issues via free market solutions, and curating opportunity for those who need it. Adam loves the outdoors, sports, and good company.



Richard is the visionary of the group, always focusing on the big picture (a real head in the clouds type). On top of the role he holds at StudentHire, he also holds the roles of student, husband and new father. He’s a devout christian, so family always comes first with StudentHire being a close second.



When the opportunity of StudentHire presented itself, Marc couldn’t resist the idea of helping students with their financial burdens. Marc currently operates as the team’s CMO. He resides in Calgary with his wife and when he is not working on StudentHire or studying, he’s on the basketball court, coaching or playing.